a place for growth, finding support and learning new ways… for children, parents and teachers.


“Full circle Farm is truly a special place and I thank my lucky stars that a friend told me about it. The teachers have created an incredibly nurturing, loving classroom culture that focuses heavily on working together, problem solving, building social-emotional skills, independence and creativity. Not only has my daughter grown immensely over the last year, but she loves going to school each and every day. She is becoming an incredibly caring and thoughtful friend as well as showing significant progress working in a group and thinking for herself. I owe that to FCF. The space both indoors and out is beautiful and spacious. The supplies, classroom materials, art projects, etc. are top-notch and unlike anywhere else.

This program is one-of-a-kind and our family is grateful for all it has done for us.”

AM, Holliston, MA

“We’re so fortunate that a friend told us about Full Circle Farm and we were able to send our oldest son there. Our reserved, quiet son has truly blossomed under the guidance of Lois and her staff. We’ll be sending him off to kindergarten as a confident, capable boy. He’s had so many wonderful experiences- play time, problem solving, learning to speak up in a group, yoga, music, art projects, the list goes on and on. Our youngest son is already registered for Full Circle Farm and we’re thrilled that we’ll continue to be part of the Full Circle Farm family.”

“I am delighted to be able to share my experience at Full Circle Farm Preschool with other moms.  The classroom was warm and inviting from the moment I stepped in the door, a home away from home environment where children are encouraged to bring slippers for cozy winter days!  My daughter quickly gained a sense of independence and confidence going to school each day and as a mom… I did too! I could ask the teachers questions about her development and always got helpful parenting advice. I was amazed by the elaborate art projects and educational activities that went on each day.  Before long my daughter was writing her name all by herself and singing school songs at the dinner table.  Full Circle is a beautiful, safe school where teachers take pride in their work and treat each child with respect and love.”

“Full Circle Farm Preschool is a nurturing place where our child is encouraged to explore, play, and take risks, all within the safety of caring, attentive adults and a warm, welcoming environment. Lois creates an atmosphere where children flourish and it is her true purpose in life to cultivate those early childhood years where creativity, curiosity and abundant energy not only exist, but also are encouraged and cultivated. Our son’s week includes art, science, music, yoga, singing, dancing, lots of pretend play and cooperative learning and listening. Lois’ curriculum is constantly changing, and each day the students are greeted with new choices to make, new activities to explore and new and interesting things to look at – there is never a dull moment at Full Circle Farm! Our son loves going to school each day – he is learning how to be a good friend and a good listener, while at the same time, being encouraged to think critically, use his own mind, and to try new things. We are grateful for the first school experience our youngest son is having – Full Circle Farm is truly a special place.”
-Katie and Nat Vaughn

“I’ll always remember my first visit to Full Circle Farm Pre-School. Walking into the classroom, with its well-organized child-focused centers, brightly colored materials thoughtfully placed within reach of small hands, evidence of children’s creativity and productivity throughout, every fiber of my being shouted YES!!! to this being the right school for my son. As an educator, the organization of the classroom made perfect sense to me, but it was when I observed the teachers in action that I knew I had found the perfect setting for my little one’s first experience of school. The teachers at FCF are educators in the fullest sense of the word, but it is their love, devotion and boundless attention to each and every child that makes FCF a soulful and magical place. My son is going off to kindergarten in the fall as well equipped and ready as I could hope for him to be, grace of the loving and nurturing and experience he has had at FCF. As his time at pre-school comes to a close, I am saddened to move on but delighted that it will be with the confidence that our child has had the very best foundation available, and I am very much looking forward to our daughter starting at FCF next year!”

“My son started at Full Circle Farm back in 1996, which was one of the beginning years of this school. Our family had just moved to Massachusetts and after doing my research and speaking with the Director, it soundly convinced me that this was a woman who’s vision I appreciated, honored and admired.  Some of our best and dearest friends have stayed with us from that time, as the school lent itself to coziness and nurturing. Can you imagine…as my son is now in college, that our family has still kept connection with these Full Circle Farm families!!

What I liked most about this school was the attention to beauty.  So many colors, so many beautiful art projects, a clean and cozy environment with wonderful supplies and themes that are interwoven into projects and books. Music, literature, crafts and the true joys of being a child are appreciated here.

At the time our son went here, there was a family chicken named Henny Penny that was popular to view and enjoy, as well as a baby lamb that was born.  This week, as I observe, they have a real teepee, with a theme of Native Americans.  Yoga is also taught here too and has become an integral part of their landscape of teachings to help the children learn about focus, participate in conscious, fun games and learn to calm themselves through their breath. I highly recommend this school for one and all.  You won’t be disappointed!  It is the best start for a young one’s life that will foster good memories that will last a lifetime.  (It makes me wish (almost) that I was back at that tender age myself so that I could go here)!

What a special child, and a special family that gets the privilege to attend here. In my humble opinion, many blessings will come with your decision to send your child here.”


“Our family is thrilled that Full Circle Farm Preschool is an integral part of our daughter’s early development. With decades worth of experience in early childhood education, the Director (Lois) and her incredible teaching staff have crafted a program tailored to meet and expand the emotional, social, cognitive and physical development of children through an expertly-designed play-based curriculum. We searched high and low for an accredited, play-based preschool program because children learn best through hands-on exploration with their world. Exposure to and growth of new academic and social skills occur each and every day for our daughter at Full Circle Farm.  She adores the teachers, her classmates (every child here truly is a friend to each other) and her school environment. The program grows with the children, providing both safety and support as children navigate their expanding world of knowledge, self-discovery and social connections. We cannot say enough about the wonderful children, caring families, and the hearts and minds of the teachers.  We look forward to Full Circle Farm Preschool being an essential part of our family’s life for years to come.”

“The teachers at Full Circle Farm truly set it apart and are wonderfully warm and loving educators.  Each day they greet children with enthusiasm and warmth creating an incredibly nurturing environment. As a parent, you feel that they are invested in each and every child.  The classroom is so fabulous…every detail has been carefully constructed to provide a stimulating and developmentally rich place for children to grow and explore.  The teachers work to change the themes, books, projects and art to keep children engaged and eager to embrace each day.  The curriculum is one that fosters a love of learning and curiosity by allowing children to discover what they are truly capable of.  Our daughter has blossomed into a confident and independent child while at Full Circle Farm Preschool.”
-Sharon and Glenn Butler

“Both of our children spent their preschool years at Full Circle Farm and we can’t say enough positive things about our experience there.  Our children felt welcomed each day by Lois and Maddie, who truly make each child walking through the door feel special and unique.  Every day is filled with new adventures…sensory exploratory tables, fine motor skills games, stories, pretend play, art, music, yoga, outdoor games…just to name a few.

Having such a safe and nurturing first school experience gave both of our children amazing amounts of confidence – both socially and academically.  With our youngest going off to Kindergarten, it is hard to say good bye!”
-Julie and Chris Hurd